Welcome to our Home CommUnity in Christ

You are welcome to join us at the table of our Lord where we come together in His name to receive and share. We are a struggling community of broken people, learning to live deep in the life of the TriUnity of God.  

Where two or three have gathered together in My name, there I am in their midst.”  - Jesus (in Matthew 18:20)

Christ's Living Organism

A living and organic body of Jesus the Christ, with the DNA of our Lord and Saviour,  living by His grace and CommUning through His blood. 

Imagine a community where our souls are rejuvenated and our faith restored and strengthened in Jesus. A family where we belong,  with a Father who loves us. A relationship with our Saviour who completes us. A fellowship with the Spirit of God who seals us in the eternal promise. A unity with our brothers and sisters in service, truth and love. A familiar and relational people of God that gives attention to keeping what we think about God in organic connection with the way we live with God. Imagine. © earnhart 2015